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Canterbury Road | Margate
Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

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Child crawling with cuddly toy

Self-directed movement

Space For Play encourages children to strengthen their gross and fine motor skills whilst in the setting. Children are given space and resources to use their whole bodies and develop physical skills such as kicking a ball, climbing, jumping, skipping and balancing.

We also provide activities such as threading, cutting and playdough which reinforce fine motor skills.

Part of our ethos reflects our understanding that children should have free movement and be allowed to explore the way their body moves in whichever way they choose. Caregivers will never step in to help a child unless they are asked for help or the child is in need of support. Children are encouraged to find their own solutions to situations they may find themselves in, such as turning a bike around, climbing down from the climbing frame or walking along a plank using their balance. Children learn to become resilient and bounce back after setbacks.

Climbing frame in garden
Silver pots, spoons and pipettes in water tray for water play
Slide set within garden