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Canterbury Road | Margate
Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

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Child swinging from tree

An open door to nature

Our garden is the heart of Space For Play. Children spend most of their time outdoors, exploring nature and the world around them. Activities are planned that incorporate all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and children show great interest in outdoor activities including planting, adult-led woodwork and building wormeries and ant houses. Children are encouraged to take risks and learn from their experiences with support from caregivers around them. The garden is full of crates, planks of wood, ladders, rope and blocks for them to create their own structures they then enjoy jumping from! The garden also has space for children to kick and throw balls, play with water, run and jump, cycle, scoot and lie down to read a book. There are also plenty of muddy puddles to jump in when it rains.

At Space For Play, we provide children with an abundance of opportunities to spend time learning about and caring for animals.  We currently have four chickens, a guinea pig and two rabbits which the children visit daily. They help to collect the eggs that the chickens have laid, fill up the water bottle for Peppa the guinea pig and give Flopsy and Mopsy a cuddle.

During the spring time we also have caterpillars and tadpoles! During the week, children are invited to a local stables where we have our nursery pony, Tom. They are allowed to ride him, help muck out and learn about the stables where Tom lives. This is supported by experienced riding staff and the children have so much fun!

Hammocks hanging in the garden with flower pots
Wheelbarrow, plants and castle house
Hammocks under trees in the space for play garden