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Canterbury Road | Margate
Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

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Young children playing with building blocks

Our Ethos and Missions

At Space For Play the following principles underpin everything we do:

  • Children’s needs are valued and respected.
  • Every child’s voice is heard.
  • Parents/carers are valued as their child’s first educator and know their children best.
  • Every child is cared for as an individual.
  • Children can initiate their own play and adults support this by careful observation and providing support when needed.
  • Staff co-operate with children and children are a valued partner in their day and the care happening to them.
  • Children are supported to become independent and confident.


We take a holistic, child-led approach and believe that children thrive when they are supported in meaningful play and cared for in an understanding, inclusive and natural environment.

Children learn to care, value and respect one another and other people in the community

Bowl full of garden finds, pine cones and cork
Being and Belonging corner
Hammocks hanging in the garden with flower pots